Top 10 Penny Auctions Online


Our number 1 online penny auctions site pick which is awesome is BidCactus. First you getta Register with this new penny auction site and you’re off to the races. Of course, registration is free-ninety nine for this penny bid auction! After you’re register you can purchase some credits. These cost $0.65 a credit and each is worth a bid. You get to use these credits to bid. And in fact, Penny Auctions Online visitors get 5 Free Credits just for signing up.  Next you can Search or Browse through the extensive options of brand new shiny prizes ranging from the newest electronics to kitchen accessories. Now Bid–Use your newly purchased credits cash in on items! Each bid bumps up the price of the item by a single penny or more, depending on the type of the auction. The timer drops down till it gets below 20 seconds. At that point, each and every exciting bid bumps the timer back to twenty seconds, which gives bidders the chance to make their final bids.  Save Big when you Win!–When the timer reaches zero, the auction stops and the last person placing a bid gets to buy the item for the final price at awesome money savings!

#2 – Beezid

At number two of the best penny auction sites is Beezid on our top penny auctions list.  Of all the new online auctions sites Beezid offers brand spanking new products at deep deep discount prices! In fact the usual savings for this new penny auctions site are 60-90% off the regular prices! What’s great also is that they have something for all kinds of people in your Christmas shopping lists… whether you’re looking for that new phone you always wanted or the phone your son has been begging you for! Or the hottest new digital cameras or blenders, or incredible kitchen equipment. Or bring a gorgeous new Louis Vuitton purse to your next Christmas party. Don’t get left behind, you gotta look at this one, it’s a penny auctions websites favorite!  Other penny bid auction sites don’t come close to the awesomeness that is Beezid! stands out from the crowd for several reasons.  Beezid makes sure that every auction they run gives bidders a fair go.  Real Auctions, Real Winners, Real Time!  At Beezid penny auctions bidders are able to auction in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.  Bidders can join in the fun from all over the world.

#3 – BidCactus

Number 3 on the top 10 penny auction list is BidCactus.  Bids cost $0.75 each and come in packs of 25, 50, 100, 250, and 500.  Pick a penny auction item–BidCactus has wild items to choose from. All of the items auctioned on BidCactus are brand spanking new!  Bid on an item–Each time you bid on an item, one bid will be deducted from your account and the auction price will increase by $0.10 (or $0.01 for penny auctions).  Bidcactus features only brand new merchandise. Bidding starts at just $0.01 with no reserve. Bids cost only $0.75 each, and come in bidpacks of 30, 50, 100, 250 and 500 so you can walk away a winner with only a small amount invested! With each bid placed, an items’ price increases by $0.10, $0.05, or $0.01 depending on the type of auction. When you bid, the counter gets re-set up to a maximum of 30 seconds. An auction ends when there are no further bids and there is a winner!

#4 – DealDash

The number 4 spot goes to DealDash on the online auction sites list!  This is one of the most unique pay-per-bid penny auctions system. They guarantee success and quick delivery on everything you win via their penny auction platform.  The most amazing thing about these online auctions is that you can feel safe and secure when placing bids with them.  They take great pride in providing legit penny auction service.  Of all the penny bid sites, DealDash penny auctions will treat you right.  We see this penny auction website continuing to make its way up our list.  If you are looking for safe fun penny auction bargains, DealDash penny auctions is a great place to look!

#5 – ZBiddy

Number 5 is alive on this penny bid auctions site with ZBiddy! This brand new penny auction website makes sure you get savings on the coolest products around. You pay a small fee for every penny auction bid you feel like making.  Find awesome auctions that you will love to place bids on!  Each bid will increase the online penny auction price by ten cents and add 15 seconds to the auction time. If you are the top bidder when the clock runs out, you get to buy the item, often at a fantastically amazing live penny auction low low price. Bidrodeo penny auctions include: Nintendo Wii Consoles, Games and Accessories; iPods; Notebooks; Laptops; Flat Screen TVs.  You will find happy bidding with this gem of a penny auction site!

#6 Bigger Bidder

The best penny auction site at number 6 on our list is the one and only Bigger Bidder.  Of all the penny auctions sites you will want to start bidding with this guy right away!  Skip Step 1 of the registration by using Facebook Connect—thanks for keeping things simple in the penny auction world Bigger Bidder.  Just sign up and Load your account with a Bid Pack – Bids come in packs of 30 +.  All you can handle really – thank again for the online bidding simplicity Bigger Bidder.  The range of penny auction items are wild with this bid site – Search through brand new LCD HDTV, an MP3 player, the latest laptop or even a brand new CAR!  That’s right-win an effin car with these guys.  Start bidding your thighs off and if you’re the highest bidder when the timer runs out… you WIN!  Online penny auction sites come and go on our top 10 penny auction website, but Bigger Bidder is here to stay for a long long time.

#7 – UpBids

Climbing up the charts of the best penny auction at number 7 we found UpBids.  The Upbids penny auction experience is awesome.  This is one of the longest online penny auction sites around.  They have created and amazing experience for their bidders.  The list of high quality products to bid on are also some of the best in the penny auction world.  Legit penny auction.  Awesome online auction products.  Fast and quality customer support for all penny auction deals.  One of the best penny auctions online!

#8 -

The number 8 spot on our best penny auctions online list goes to SkoreIt – a Premier Fashion Penny Auction Site that allows consumers the chance to bid on and win Luxury, Premium, and Contemporary fashion Items on an online penny auction. The presentation on this auction site is upscale, the penny auction items are unique and coveted, and winners get a great value/experience with this new auction website. Fashion lovers buy low priced bid packs for their unique penny auction accounts and place bids on auctions to win.  Also find BidPaks, Cameras & Camcorders, Computer Peripherals, Consumer Electronics, Gift Cards, GPS & Navigation, Housewares, iPod/MP3 Players, Laptops & Netbooks, Precious Metals, Sports & Outdoors, Sports Memorabilia, Televisions & Home Theater, Tools & Home Improvement, Toys & Hobbies, Video Game Consoles, Watches & Jewelry.

#9 – ArrowOutlet

ArrowOutlet is a new online penny auction we found recently.  Save up to 90% on brand new items.  Bids are only 0.50 cents each!  Participation in an auction requires: you first purchase bids for $0.50 each. When you bid, the price of the auction increases by pennies and the auction clock goes up.  When the clock reaches zero, the last bidder wins the auction – no matter how incredibly low the price!  If you don’t win they offer an amazing option to still buy the product for a discounted price using the money you spent on bids as a credit towards that same product.  Great penny auction model to keep customers happy.  We love this hot new penny auction online!!

#10 – QuiBids

Our number 10 penny auctions website is QuiBids. On QuiBids, customers get to purchase “penny bids” before they bid on the penny auction online. Each penny bid costs 60 cents. They’re sold in prices of $40, up to $1000 (in the middle you could choose $75, $150, $400, too!) When you bid in these incredible penny auctions, you get the choice of placing single bids, or using and electronic bid assistant. Whenever someone bids, this raises the price of the prize to be won by just 12 cents. Meanwhile, the auction counts down to 20 seconds. Other things that help you manage your money spent on bidding is that each of the online auctions show the amount you’ve spent on bids and also how much you’ll save off the real price of the item! To win the auction, and be dubbed the ‘last bidder standing’ you just have to be the last bidder when the clock hits zero. In the world of penny online auctions you’ll naturally be intensely happy because on average it’s going to be a savings of 65 PERCENT off of normal retail pricing!  QuiBids is the best penny auction we were able to find in our penny auction watch.