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Penny Auctions are auctions in which you have to purchase bids, before you can bid on an item. Since bids are not free, things frequently sell for huge discounts.  There is some strategy to successfully winning these auctions.  Choosing the right site with a good reputation is key to having legitimate success.  PennyAuctionsOnline.com is a tool to help bidders buy bids with the right penny auction sites.  Buying bids, bidding, winning, and receiving the item you won can happen on all top 10 penny auction sites that have been selected on this site.

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Jim Vinson March 9, 2011 at 2:17 pm

I am the owner of a new startup penny auction with a feature none of the others has. I have had a retail store for the past 3 years . My store has around 6,000 name brand items with another 240,000 in stock to choose from. If a bidder cannot win an auction in a 30 day period, I will give them a credit for what they spent in bids to my store to spend on whatever they want. I’m trying to get my name out there, so if you’d like to visit the site, Please do !! Thank-you, Jim Vinson 321pennyauction.com


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